Did I mention it’s automated too? A fair bit at least. And off grid with the automation. Even better eh! Yeah, I’ll fill all this in too with pictures, details, and a couple Amazon affiliate links if you want to help support the project!

Quick rundown of the basics with details in the near future

Three ~330w solar panels connected to Epever 40A MPPT charge controller. Charge controller connected to a Raspberry Pi with a very inexpensive USB to RS485 adapter. The Epever adapter is actually a worse choice. You can even get away without the adapter and connect directly but I haven’t gotten there yet. Battery bank is comprised of 18 refurbished 24v LifePo4 batteries to keep the primary pump running 24/7.

From there the Pi runs a Python script to gather the modbus data, submit it over mqtt to my OpenHAB box in the garage where the data is graphed in Influx/Grafana and rules are created based on variables.

In addition a couple other pieces of hardware are used in the automation process and tied into OpenHAB as well. One Shelly 1PM relay that supports 24v DC connection and connects to Wifi. A Wemos D1 mini pro with a waterproof DS18B20 and a standard DS18B20 temp sensor for air and water temps. And the other Wemos D1 mini pro connected to a 5v relay to turn the 120v Victron inverter on and off.