Passive Solar Desalination Water Table Restoration Project

So we have passive solar desalination right? If we can do it at a fast enough rate imagine filling in canals backward. Some solar pumps as needed to move flow up where needed. Restore habitats while restoring food security.

To do this we will need learn to grow our food in cooperation with nature. Combinations of new technology like agrivoltaics and aquaponics.

We move beyond this into energy generation and storage. While we are moving water uphill we can build a community around the resources available in the area. Perhaps to design a city that can blend in with nature.

And this isn’t just about the desalination for fresh water. We take the salt sludge and blend it back into the water at a deep enough depth for cooling.

Imagine restoring grasslands and forests. Reduce fires with more moisture in the air. Oh no, might that increase cooling to the forest floor encouraging more biodiversity. The long term could be happening in literal days. In months we would see a return. In years…. Can we make it? June, 2022